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We consider all our projects, large or small, to be a major undertaking. Within the industrial sector (where our experience is our best guarantee) we offer solutions for the domestic, residential and commercial sectors in the following areas: 

Solar Energy
Heat and Photovoltic Energy.
Engineering Projects, Installation and Works Management.
Heat pipes.

Wind farming systems.
Energy savings.
Renewable energies.
Heating and air conditioning.
LV, MV and HV lines.
Transformation Centres.
Domestic and industrial installations.
Fire detection systems.
Indoor installations.
Storage systems.
Regulation and measurement systems.
Distribution networks.

A full range of Environmental Services.

All our industrial processes include our transversal environmental protection procedures. We go beyond mere compliance with current legislation, looking to the future through the application of greater and sustained environmental care. Care and protection of the environment must be a focal point of the social responsibility of all businesses. 

All Impel projects, regardless of the division and scope of application, are based on effective and feasible environmental care.

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